Worbrain by MAG Interactive

wordbrainMany of us when we get some spare time might think about playing a word game on our phone or other device. Depending on what kind of games you are in to there are so many to choose from and for different levels of expertise.

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“Smartphones and tablets are now the most popular devices used for gaming among children in the age range of 2 to 17, according to a report released Wednesday by the NPD Group. The report, titled “Kids and Gaming 2015,” found that 63 percent of kids said they play games on a mobile device.” So the best is that you can play every game on mobile devices now and not only in desktops.

If you are someone like me who really enjoys a challenge there is one game that certainly is challenging yet lots of fun all at once…WordBrain.

WordBrain is a word unscrambling puzzle game by MAG Interactive. You can download it straight on to your device, it is available for IPhones, IPads, IPod Touch and androids. How the game works is relatively simple, you get a board with a number of letters on it then you have to unscramble them in the correct order to find the missing answer. When you first download the game and begin from the starting level you get lulled in to a false sense of security as it all seems too easy. You find yourself thinking “where is the challenge in this?” then as you progress to the third level it becomes clear why it is a word challenge game. The first couple of levels make you feel like a genius and as you move up the levels your brain gets a serious workout. The letters and words must be found in the correct order too or you will get it wrong adding that bit more pressure to your initial choice of letters.

Basically the challenge isn’t just to find the hidden word in the puzzle but swiping the letters in the correct order is important also. There is times you feel sure you know the 2 words you have found are correct but if you haven’t found them in the accurate order the app will tell you the answer is wrong. You just go back to the start of the level again if this happens and try and swipe the letters in the correct order next time you try it. The are a vast number of levels (or packs) to work through.

The level packs start out with Ant, Spider, Snail and Crab and eventually go up to Policeman, Chef, Teacher, Doctor, Astronaut and Scientist with various other animals and professions in-between. The pack names are to symbolize your brain size so your ultimate goal is to have the brain of a scientist as opposed to the brain of an ant. All very clever word play (pardon the pun). The sheer beauty of this game is how simple it is to download and be playing with in seconds. There is no long tutorials or instructions you just press “Play” and get started with giving your brain its exercise for the day. I personally have played it everywhere that I have had a bit of free time, at the bus stop, in the doctor’s waiting room etc. If like most people you reach a point in the game where you are completely out of hints and stumped as to what the answer might be then fear not.

There are various online websites like this one www.wordbrainsolutions.com where you will find all the answers of WordBrain by MAG Interactive. Here you will also be able to join the fun with the WordBrain fan community and share your experiences and advice with other players. I really like playing WordBrain, it is a game that makes you think and try that little bit harder. If you enjoy challenging word puzzle games then it is definitely worth downloading. Good luck!

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